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Dry Cleaners Farthings: 7 Step Cleaning Process

1. Initial inspection The first process is to examine your garment. We will check the aftercare care label for the purpose of the cleaning instructions recommended. At this point, any concerns or marks you might have, any repairs needed for the garment will be discussed. If the garment does not have a care label, we will agree on the best and safest cleaning process. 2. Pre-treatment Your garments will be examined thoroughly. The marks that have been highlighted on “First Inspection” will be treated with the most modern methods of stain removal by our experts. Please note that we will do our best to remove the marks, but we cannot guarantee 100% spot removal. With our experience, we know when to stop working on a mark to avoid harming the fabric. 3. Cleaning process At Farthings Cambridge we offer several options for processing your garment: traditional dry cleaning, wet cleaning, machine washing, hand washing, F Clean, Ozone Treatment. Choosing the right cleaning process will ensure the optimum cleaning result. 4. Hand Finishing Once your garment has been cleaned it will then be steam, pressed. At Farthings, we pride ourselves by using a traditional method and techniques in hand finishing. At this point, we check that all marks that have been highlighted during reception have been removed successfully. We may choose to reclean the garment to improve on stain removal would it be beneficial to the fabric. 5. Pre-finish inspection After hand pressing your garment, would there be a limitation in the cleaning result, we will inform you by means of an advice note on your garment. 6. Final Inspection We will ensure that the marks that have been highlighted on reception or any repairs and alterations have been carried out to a high standard.

7. Packaging All our packaging used is recyclable. Our hangers, acid-free tissue paper and our polythene to protect your clothes are made from fully recyclable material. We also offer a preservation and packaging service on Wedding Dresses. We aim at Farthings to reduce any waste. We review our packaging material on a regular basis for more environmentally friendly alternatives.


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