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F Clean does not mean "Fluffy"


It's Emma here. I recently started working for Farthings Dry Cleaners in Cambridge.

I was unaware of what all the care labels inside our clothing really meant! Do you all really know what they mean either?

So today, I’d like to tell you about what the symbol F Dry Cleaning symbol means for your clothing and how we at Farthings can really take care of your most delicate, precious, vintage or designer clothes where you may find the F on any labels.

The F Clean means the clothing/garments are not suitable to be put into a normal wash in a machine or a normal dry cleaning process.

So you would definitely need to use our services at Farthings in Cambridge.

We would then use a very specialist way of cleaning, to use the technical term its called “Hydrocarbons”. Without the jargon it means we use only a petroleum solvent and it is also a much softer way of dry cleaning compared to P Dry Clean symbol.

Please note we cannot guarantee any heavy marks or stains to be 100% removed with this cleaning process.

To explain a little more, the clothing/garments are heated up then cooled, causing the items to be purified by the end of the specialist cleaning process.

Leaving your loved items wonderfully fresh, clean and feeling almost like new!

I hope you understand the F Clean symbol better but if you need more information, please come and see us at Farthings in Cambridge on 143 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XE and we will be happy to help you. Our number is 01223 755180.

PS: we also have a parking space waiting for you at the front of our shop :)



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