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How to hand wash clothes?

All the clothes can’t be washed in washing machines. The different fabric needs different washing instructions.

Especially, the fabrics like silk, rayon and wool need hand washing because these fabrics can be easily damaged with high pH and enzymatic products.

We should always check the care labels carefully before washing our clothes.

Washing clothes by hand is a bit of extra work but it is a gentle way of washing our delicate clothes. Hand washing increases the life span of our clothes.

Before washing, we should separate dark and light-coloured clothes. Then fill the tub with cold or hot water (as suggested on the care label).

Add a mild detergent (neutral pH and non-enzymatic) and dissolve it completely. Now the wash solution is ready. If your clothes are white, use a bio detergent and if your clothes are dark, use a non-bio detergent. Now soak your clothes in the wash solution and leave them for 20 -30 minutes. If the clothes are heavily stained leave them for a longer duration (2-3 hours). Gently swish the clothes until they are clean.

Now take them out and rinse with cold clean water 3 -4 times or until the water runs clear.

Lay the garment on the top of a clean towel, roll up and ease excess water out.

Always dry the garment flat. Do not expose it to direct heat and sunlight. Exposure to direct heat and sunlight can decolourise our clothes.

Washing twice is recommended if your clothes are extra dirty. The use of rubber gloves is always recommended for people with sensitive or damaged skin.

At Farthings Cambridge, we take special care of your delicate clothes and offers gentle hand washing with suitable detergents.

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