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The 12 stains of Christmas!

You may find over Christmas many mishaps happen so there's a stain guide to help you 12 stains of Christmas.


Whether your Christmas tree goes up on the 1st December or the day before Christmas, tree sap can cause stains! To clean up tree sap stains, a small amount of dishwashing detergent rubbed into the sap should do the trick! Rub the detergent until there’s no sign of sap or detergent left on the item! Leave to air dry.


Would it be Christmas without a glass of red wine? While you or your Aunt may be merry, one too many can be a nightmare on your favourite cream blouse! Get rid of red wine stains by sprinkling the affected area with white wine or wine vinegar then blot – do not rub!


From chocolate in advent calendars to post Christmas dinner treats, most people enjoy Chocolate during the festive period. However, chocolate stains can be notoriously tricky to clean off of table linens and clothing. To remove the chocolate, the chocolate should be frozen so you can scrape the chocolate off more easily! Do this by rubbing an ice cube on the stain and then use a butter knife to scrape off when ready! After this, use a bit of warm water to rinse the area completely.


Candles in the home are common at this time of year but more candles can mean candle wax dripping on our clothing or table linens! In the same way as removing chocolate stains, rub an ice cube into the candle wax stain and once hardened, use a butter knife to remove the wax marks. Following this, rub the stain with soap to treat the clothing or table linens.


Busy writing all those Christmas cards and not realised you have caused an ink stain on your clothing or tablecloth? Get rid of ink stains are very difficult and the ink can spread very easily. You can try by spraying with hairspray and dabbing the affected area!


Christmas and cheese go hand in hand, but accidents can happen! To remove dairy stains, blot the area with cold water but be patient as it may take a while fo to get rid of stains completely! A small amount of detergent can also be worked into the fabric then wash the fabric as normal in your washing machine.


From turkey drippings to fat from roast potatoes and parsnips, grease can drip on to clothes and table linen! The magic solution is alcohol and warm water. Rub the stain with alcohol and warm water. Let the fabric absorb the solution for about 15 minutes then rub a small amount of soap into the stain. Following this, wash your clothing or linens in the washing machine as normal.


Sometimes accidents can happen in the kitchen when using those sharp carving knives! Blood can easily find its way on to clothes or other fabrics. Blood can be easy to remove by dabbing a little soap and cold water on to the area!


Need a pick me up during the madness of Christmas? You are likely to be reaching for a hot cup of coffee whenever possible! Coffee stains can be nasty; however, you can get rid of them easily with some baking soda! Add a small amount of baking soda onto the stain and blot the stain until it disappears!

10. MUD

A Boxing day walk or kids playing outside in the garden? Mud can easily find its way inside the house, especially as British weather can be so unpredictable. To remove mud stains from carpet, mix a small amount of detergent with warm water and sponge the stain with the solution.


Your dog or cat got a bit excited in this season’s festivities? If an accident has happened on your clothes, add a box of baking soda to your regular washing powder and pop the soiled item in the machine then air-dry.

Accident on the rug?

A decent rug/carpet cleaner or carpet stain remover may be required. Alternatively, pop into one of our Farthings branches in Cambridge where we would be more than happy to clean your rugs for you.


Dressing up for party season or kissing someone under the Mistletoe at New Years? Sometimes lipstick can find its way on to surfaces unexpectedly during the celebrations. Remove lipstick in the same way as you would clean up candle wax by rubbing an ice cube on the affected area to freeze the lipstick then remove by scraping with a knife! Wash the fabric as normal in the washing machine and let it air dry after this.

Treating any of your items at home can be daunting; why not let us take that worry away and let us clean your items? We have over 30 years of experience, with every item being spot treated with the best professionals in town!

Please only use the tips above as a guide, always read the care label first before using any products. If in any doubt at all, give us a call or pop in and we will be more than happy to advise you.

Lastly…. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year…. From all of us at Farthings Dry Cleaners in Cambridge and Trumpington

Farthings take no responsibility for unwanted or adverse effects from the use of this guide or any methods or products mentioned herein.


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