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Wedding dress cleaning and boxing

Wedding dress is a dream dress for every girl. Regardless of the cost, it carries a bulk of golden memories which we want to keep forever.

In order to retain its best condition, it is crucial to clean and preserve it properly just after wearing it, otherwise the fabric can decolourise in certain areas because of the oxidation of stains.

wedding dress cleaning and boxing in Cambridge

We cannot clean our expensive and delicate wedding dress at home. We shouldn’t even take a chance and drop it off at a non-expert dry cleaner.

Before cleaning a wedding dress, the testing of beads and colour is very important and only an expert dry cleaner can clean it appropriately.

The wrong procedure and unsuitable solvent could damage the fabric, melt the beads and destroy the style of our wedding dress.

After cleaning our wedding dress, appropriate preservation is equally important.

With the lack of proper storage, the delicate fabric can turn brown and loose its shine. If we keep it in a damp place it could be damaged by mould or moth.

We Farthings Cambridge, hold 25 years of experience and provide the best wedding dress cleaning and boxing service in Cambridge. We also cater our boxing service for wedding dress preservation.

We deliver your precious wedding dress in a very beautiful and attractive, acid free handmade box, after wrapping in an acid free tissue paper. This way your wedding dress remains protected from mould and moth.

We take pride in cleaning and boxing your wedding dress in order to give the treatment it deserves and preserve your memories of your special day.

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