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What is F dry clean?

Clothes are very important part of our lives. Clothes not only protects us from harmful weather conditions but also provides an attractive look to our personality.

We invest quite a lot money to buy clothes of our choice. Some of them are really delicate and expensive and we want to use them for longer.

For using clothes longer, their proper care and maintenance is important.

Different type of fabrics requires different type of cleaning. Generally, clothes manufacturing companies provide washing instructions for every garment on care labels inside the garment and we should always wash them accordingly.

If a garment is washable at home care label shows a bucket symbol with temperature written above it.

If a garment is dry cleanable, care label shows letter either P or F.

The letter P, indicates that the garment is dry cleanable with any solvent (except trichloroethylene) like perchloroethylene and hydrocarbons. The P dry cleanable garments can be cleaned in dry cleaning machine.

The symbol F indicates that the garment should be dry cleaned using highly flammable, petroleum-based solvents such as R113 and hydrocarbons. Garments marked with F cannot be cleaned in the same dry cleaning machines as those used for P cleaning.

Generally, F dry cleaning is recommended for very delicate fabrics, which has high possibility of getting damaged by normal dry-cleaning solvent in dry cleaning machines.

Unfortunately, F Clean does not remove marks effectively, yielding only limited results. It is a gentler method of dry cleaning compared to the standard Dry Cleaning P.

We, Farthings Cambridge is a renowned name for F dry cleaning in Cambridgeshire for last 25 years. We provide F dry cleaning service for all types of F dry cleanable garments including wedding dresses.

If you have your F dry cleanable clothes and worried for their cleaning, please contact us. We are based at 143, Milton road, Cambridge.


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