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May Balls in Cambridge – Tuxedos and Party Dresses Cleaned

Whether you need your tuxedo or dress cleaned before or after an event, Farthings in Cambridge and Trumpington is happy to clean your garments for you.

Your tuxedo or your dress would likely need a dry clean or even a specialist clean before and after the May Balls.

We will always follow the manufactures instructions found on the care label, as they will tell us what the best way to care for your garments is.

If there is a P on the label it is the standard dry cleaning method, but if you see an F on the label, it would need to be sent off to our specialist as extra care would need to be taken.

TUXEDO – Tuxedos usually have a silk or satin lapel, and the same silk or satin flash along the outside of each leg. Also, the buttons are generally covered with the same material. Tuxedos would always require dry cleaning. We would happily discuss this either in person or on the phone if you were to have any queries.

DRESSES – Dresses are slightly more complicated as they could have beading, embroidery or decorations. The dress may also be a silk / satin or a mixture of fabrics, which would all need to be taken into consideration before we start the cleaning process. We can foil certain decorations or buttons - this is covering the decorations so they will not be damaged during the cleaning. Otherwise we can also remove the decoration, then replace them after the cleaning process is complete.

We have a fantastic seamstress who would take much care to remove and replace any of the decorations.

The best is to come to see us at 143 Milton Cambridge CB4 1XE or 1 Anstey Way Trumpington with your garments. We can then discuss this in more detail. You can of course give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310, and we will advise as much as we can.


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