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How to iron wedding dress

Ironing is an art. Everyone can not be expert in ironing. Only a skilled person should take the responsibility of doing it on delicate clothes otherwise, the clothes can be damaged and will lead to great disappointment.

Wedding dress is representation of the day when we unite with our soulmate forever. It carried lot of good memories and emotions of our life.

wedding dress ironing in Cambridge

We all want to keep our wedding dress nicely forever. Wedding dresses are generally made of delicate fabric like satin or silk.

Wedding dresses always need extra care because of the expensive cloth and beautiful decoration of beads and sequins on it.

The marks of mud or food and drinks are obvious on the wedding dresses because of photography in open area and party.

The delicate cloth of wedding dress can decolourise because of stains and marks. So, to avoid any regret later, a wedding dress must be cleaned as soon as possible after use.

Not only good cleaning but also proper ironing is very important to keep it in a good condition. Otherwise crease can destroy its pattern and style.

We should always seek advice of a professional on wedding dress cleaning and ironing.

At Farthings Cambridge, we offer best wedding dress cleaning and ironing service in Cambridge.

Our proficient cleaners take good care of every wedding dress to keep it in its original style. We make sure that each button and sequin is at the right place and the dress is perfectly creased.

We also provide boxing service for wedding dresses. We offer beautiful handmade boxes for wedding dresses. Wedding dress boxes are available in different designs and sizes.

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