Where to go for clothes repair and alteration in Cambridge

We all want to keep our clothes longer. Sometimes we don’t wear them because they need minor repair and a little repair can give a new life to our clothes.

No matter how big the repair your clothes need, our proficient tailors provide best service.

Our tailors are highly experienced and can work on all types of fabrics.

They are expert in all types of tailoring service from a minor securing of button to complete re-styling of the dress.

We Farthings have been providing perfect repair and alteration services for the last 25 years in Cambridgeshire.

We offer best clothes repair and alteration service for all types of ladies, gents and kids garments. We can also lengthen or shorten the clothes, relining for jackets, zip replacements, remaking sleeves, remaking collar, tapering legs, reforming pockets, curtain alteration and relining, remaking button hole and any other repair needed.

Our repair and alteration service give a new lease of life to your old garments.

If your clothes need repair or alteration try our tailoring services in Cambridge. We repair wedding dress, ball gowns and evening dresses as well.

We Farthings Cambridge are now based on 143, Milton Road in Cambridge for all types of clothes cleaning and repair. We would love to serve you soon.

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