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What is the difference between Tuxedo and Suit?

Suit and Tuxedo are two men’s favourite outfits. The main difference between a suit and tuxedo is that tuxedo always have satin cloth.

The satin cloth can be present on lapels, button, pocket trim, side stripes down the leg of the trouser.

On the other hand, suit is made up of single type of cloth. Usually, suit incorporates plastic buttons. A suit may possess self-button (buttons with same cloth) but not with satin cloth.

Tuxedos looks better with bow tie and cummerbund while suit goes better with long ties.

Tuxedo and suit cleaning in Cambridge

We wear suits for professional meetings and business purposes.

A nice suit can be wear on special occasions as well but for special moments of our lives such as wedding, we want to look our best.

The wedding day is a special day of our lives which needs special dress code. A good Tuxedo solves the motto here.

A nicely fit tuxedo always look better than suit for any special occasions which we keep in memories as photos and videos.

So, if you are planning to get marry or attending any special day and your tuxedo or suit need a perfect finish, come and see us.

We, Farthings Cambridge are expert in cleaning tuxedos and suits and have been delivering this service for last 25 years. We provide perfect hand finish on tuxedos and suits.

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