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Wedding dress boxes

Every girl has a dream of wearing a beautiful wedding dress on her wedding. We eagerly wait for this very day to arrive.

Most of us approach designers, and spend a a great deal of time, thoughts and money in selecting the wedding dress to look like a princess on our wedding day.

Our wedding dress makes golden memories of our life. We all want to keep our wedding dress in good condition forever.

wedding dress boxes

A lack of appropriate storage can cause serious damage to our delicate wedding dresses.

Discolouration of fabric in certain areas because of the oxidation of stains is a commonly noticed issue Ideally, a wedding dress should receive the treatment soon after the marriage to preserve its original look. Waiting for days or taking a risk of cleaning it at home leads to deep disappointment.

Furthermore, most of us commit a common mistake of storing the wedding dress in a plastic bag and by doing so we unwittingly expose our wedding dress to the most harmful environments.

Improper storage of wedding dress can damage the fabric and colour of it. Plastic bags are known to emit chemical fumes, which can cause yellowing in the fabric and leave permanent creasing on the dress and hence this common mistake must be avoided at any cost.

A professional’s help must be sought to get the wedding dress properly cleaned and carefully preserved so that it can last for many years to come.

At Farthings Cambridge, we have 25 years of professional experience in this area. We understand the importance of your precious feelings attached to your wedding dress.

We make the best possible effort and deliver the best wedding dress cleaning service with attractive beautiful, acid free storage boxes with acid free tissue paper.

The boxes are provided by renowned company, The empty box company, England. They have 30 years of experience in hand made boxes for wedding dresses and accessorises.

These highly romantic beautiful boxes are made up of highly protective and breathable material. The inside box material contains pH neutral and hence prevents discolouration of your dress.

These boxes are available in different sizes and designs which you can select according to the requirement of your dress and choice.

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