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What to do with mystery stains?

There are some stains on our clothes which exists on our clothes but we cannot understand what they are and how they exist even after cleaning. These stains are something which we spilled on our clothes unknowingly.

These stains could be protein products (like glue, eggs, dairy products), Oil (Olive oil, makeup, lotions, hand creams, butter), Dyes (ink), and other common stains like wine, coffee, tea etc.

Shirts cleaning Cambridge

If not treated, these things react with the oxygen in the air and make a permanent mark on your clothes. Which is why, it is always recommended to make a note, when you spill something on your clothes.

You should drop off your clothes to your dry cleaners as soon as possible with the complete stain history.

The process of dry cleaning produces heat, which can react with the stain and leave a permanent stain on it. So, it is important to tell the dry cleaners about the stain.

The dry cleaners treat different stains with different cleaning products, so that the heat generated during the dry cleaning could not react with the stain.

At Farthings Cambridge, we treat all the stains with special cleaning products and we try our best to remove all the stains from your clothes.

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