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Suit dry cleaning

Every man has special affection to his suits. Whether it is a meeting, office or party, suit is something which depicts our personality. Our wedding suit witness both the golden moments of our lives.

Indeed, suits are integral part of our lives, requiring intense cleaning and great care. We all have a collection of favourite suits, which we don’t want to lose.

We cannot wash our suits with water and a mixture of detergents and conditioners at home instead we need professional cleaning for them.

Suit dry cleaning in Cambridge

Dry cleaning, though a mundane term, is a cleaning method that utilises organic solvents (no water involved) to clean and thus far handled by only professionals with great care in controlled environments.

Although, the dry cleaning reduces the chances of discoloration, shrinkage and distortion of the fabric, it effectively removes grease and tough oil stains, protects the texture and increase the lifespan of clothes.

Dry cleaning is followed by the drying, steaming and/or ironing in order to give them best finishing touch.

It is always worth approaching a professional service for our suits. Only a professional can thoroughly examine the fabric and dirt type and suggests an appropriate treatment.

Choosing the right treatment is important to get the best outcome.

At Farthings Cambridge, we use highly purified solvents for dry cleaning for your suits.

Keeping in mind the possible impact of cleaning agents on our environment, our methods make a use of environment-friendly alternatives.

In our facility, the cleaning is performed in a highly efficient manner using specialised modern equipments, further minimising the wastage of energy and impact upon our environment. We use accurate temperature according to the fabric to avoid the risk of any damage to the fabric.

We are the leader in providing prompt and economic laundering and ironing service to our customers for last 25 years.

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