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Leather dresses dry cleaning in Cambridge

Animal skins are best insulator since ancient times. Early humans were using thick furry hides of animals like hairy mammoths, bears, deer, musk oxen and other mammals to keep themselves warm and dry.

In the modern era, leather dresses become a fashion. They not only look good but also provide warmth.

We all have a deep affection with our leather dresses and don’t want to retire any of them very soon.

leather dress cleaning in Cambridge

Leather dresses need extra care and maintenance. Unlike other clothes we can’t wash them in washing machine with a mixture of detergents, conditioners and fragrances at home.

Taking risk of cleaning leather clothes in washing machine at home can shrink, crack and wrap the leather, which will ruin your leather dress forever.

At Farthings Cambridge, we use special leather cleaning products and conditioning creams for leather dresses which remove stains, dirt and oil from the leather.

Our special leather conditioning cream keep your leather dresses healthy and soft.

We pay full attention to the colour, type of stain and grain of the leather.

We take care all types of leather dresses. We have proficient cleaners for leather clothes and costumes at Farthings Cambridge.

We also provide reproofing to leather dresses to protect them from rain and snow.

If you have your leather dress to dry clean, bring it to us and try our leather cleaning services. We ensure you that you will get a perfect finish on them.

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