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Taking Care of all your Christmas Table Linens

Although Christmas 2021 isn’t going to be the same as other years, I'm sure we are all planning on having a traditional Christmas Dinner within our households.

Getting all your wonderful Christmas linens out and decorating the Family dining table is something we can all still do. Christmas is one of the greatest parts of this season, but the clean-up afterwards is never a desirable chore.

Take some stress out of your clean-up routine by tackling your table linens with our simple care advice. And if you want to make your clean-up list even shorter, bring the table linens to us for a professional clean.

Polyester: A simple fabric to care for, polyester is machine washable in cold water. If your polyester table coverings have stains, stain remover is also safe for this fabric. Polyester is also safe for dryers, on a low heat setting.

Satin: As satin is a more delicate fabric and treating stains can be more difficult. We suggest bringing this fabric to us for expert stain removal.

Lace: The best way to clean lace is by hand washing and using a mild detergent in cold water. Avoid using force to scrub at the material as it can damage the delicate fabric. After washing your lace tablecloths do not wring out the excess water, instead, gently squeeze and press out the remaining water and air-dry only. Lace can be very fickle, so if you are not sure you can drop it off with us.

Linen: For delicate linens, it is best to hand wash in warm water. Use gentle detergent or soap to keep the material intact. Do not use a chlorine-based bleach to remove stains and be sure to clean it as soon as possible when the "stains" are fresh.

These care tips will keep your favourite table linens party-ready for the years to come.

And remember, for any difficult cleaning, large jobs, or delicate materials, bring your table linens into us at Farthings Dry Cleaners in Cambridge and Trumpington for a professional cleaning! As an added benefit, we will expertly press all linens, so they are wrinkle-free and look almost new.


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