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Summer clothes storage

With the days growing shorter and colder, it’s time to think about storing away your summer clothes safely.

The best way to get started is to empty your wardrobe and drawers, laying all your summer wardrobe out on the bed so you can see it all.

Sort clothes into categories like shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers. Then carefully inspect all your items to make sure they are clean and don’t need any repairs – all clothing should be washed or dry cleaned before you store it away, small spillages can become stains if they are not treated in time.

Next, think about how you are going to store your items.

Hangers – If you plan to hang your stored clothes, make sure you have well-shaped, sturdy hangers that will not rust or discolour fabrics. Structured items like jackets should be hunged on shaped hangers to support the shoulders and prevent any misshaping. Silky fabrics can be hunged on padded hangers or hangers with some grip to avoid them slipping off.

Storage bags – If you have fabric storage bags, give them a quick cycle in the washing machine to freshen them and remove any dust or mould spores. Fabric hanging bags are a better choice than plastic as they let the fabric breathe and prevent any moisture build-up. You could use 100% cotton pillowcases to cover your clothes, just cut a hole and slip over the item to prevent dust from settling and still allowing the garment to breathe.

Some items like knitwear will need to be folded rather than hung. You can choose either cardboard or plastic boxes for storage.

Cardboard is often a better choice as it will let the air circulate and prevent moisture build-up. When choosing your cardboard boxes do make sure they are acid-free! The cardboard boxes from the local store are made from wood pulp and can cause discolouration in your clothing.

It is best to roll the clothing rather than folding as this will minimise creasing and, don’t forget to label each box so you can easily find an item should you need to do so!

If you find any of your items need a dry clean or repairing then bring them along to us at Farthings Cambridge or Trumpington, we will be happy to clean and fix them for you before you pack them away.


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