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Rain Jacket cleaning and re-waterproofing in Cambridge

During rainy season, road becomes wet and muddy, which increases chances of getting our clothes dirty. The best thing to avoid spoiling our clothes in rain is using a good quality rain coat.

The raincoat not only provides a shield to our garments from water but also protects us from getting ill. We can say that our raincoat is our best companion during rainy season.

Now days it’s rainy weather in Cambridge and it insisting us to take our rain jacket out. We love it because of its quality to repel rain water but the water proofing on our raincoat doesn’t last forever.

For longer use, proper maintenance of rain coat is important. Cleaning of rain jacket should be done at suitable temperature because rain jackets are generally made of different type of fabric.

Cleaning at inappropriate temperature can shrink the rain coat and distort its shape.

Cleaning of rain jacket is always recommended before reproofing. Cleaning prior to reproofing, removes all the dirt particles from the rain coat. After cleaning reproofing works great.

Rain jacket starts losing its water repellent character after long use and rain it starts soaking water. So, it is important to get it cleaned and reproofed.

If we are not sure about correct washing temperature and method, we should not take chance of cleaning our rain jacket by ourselves. We should take advise of a professional to rescue our favourite rain jacket.

Luckily, We Farthings Cambridge are in Cambridge to help you out. We care about your rain jacket and provide raincoat cleaning and reproofing service in Cambridge. With our best raincoat cleaning and re-waterproofing, you will enjoy the rain and stay dry.


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