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How to wash bamboo clothes and fabrics

Bamboo fabric is more and more used in our clothes and household garments.

Bamboo has many advantages. It is a natural plant fibre like cotton and linen that grows quickly with very little need for pesticides, water, or care. And bamboo is important for human beings as it cleans the air while growing.

Bamboo fabric is very soft and highly absorbent. Furthermore, it has antibacterial properties allowing it to reduce the perspiration odour and makes it a great choice if you have sensitive skin. It is a breathable material that will help regulate your skin temperature. Bamboo clothes will barely wrinkle and will fall well over the body.

And to top it all, bamboo is great for our planet as this fabric is biodegradable.

But how should we wash our bamboo garments?

First, always check the care label to give your garment the best care.

Some of them, like a tailored jacket, will require dry cleaning because the washing would damage the lining that gives it crispness. At Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington, we will give your garment the best care.

Then some clothes will require a handwash cleaning, like sweaters and knitwear from bamboo fibres. We can also help you at Farthings as we do all types of cleaning.

If you do wash your garments at home:

- the first step will be to pre-treat the stains if any. For that, you should use an enzyme-based stain remover or a small amount of heavy-duty detergent.

- Apply a small amount on the stain and leave it for 15 minutes before washing. But avoid chlorine bleach; it would weaken the bamboo fabric.

To prevent bubbles from forming on your garment, always close all buttons and zipper and turn it inside out.

- Then, you can use your regular detergent unless your garment is heavily soiled; in that case, you can use a heavy-duty detergent.

- The gentle cycle is the best suitable cycle for bamboo clothes. It will allow the material to keep its suppleness. Only for bamboo linens, you can use the normal cycle.

- For lightly soiled clothing, choose a cold water gentle cycle.

- For soiled garments and bedsheets and towels, you can use warm water but never use a hot water cycle; it would shrink your item. For the latter, it will help to pre-soak at least 15 minutes in the warm water and detergent solution to remove excess soil.

Now that your bamboo is washed avoid the dryer as much as possible. Knitted bamboo garments should be dried flat to prevent stretching. Other clothes and linens can be hung from an outdoor clothesline. If you really cannot air dry your garment, use the low heat cycle of your dryer and remove it while still damp to avoid shrinkage.

Here at Farthings, we will provide the best professional cleaning service for your bamboo garments. We would be happy to help you so please come and visit one of our branches. We always follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions and give the best care.

Come and see us at 143 Milton Road in Cambridge (01223 755 180) or 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington (012223 625 310). See you soon!


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