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How to prevent mildew on clothes?

Mould or mildew is a fungus which can damage many things including clothes. It is a serious problem in cold and humid conditions because it gives perfect growing conditions for mildew.

The clothes infected with mould or mildew smells bad and can cause skin diseases, if used untreated.

The best way to avoid mildew growth on clothes is to avoid keeping them in the damp places. If there is any leakage of water in the house get it fix immediately to reduce any chances of damage on your clothes.

Dirty garments are more prone to mildew growth than clean clothes. We should not pile up our dirty or wet clothes in clothes hamper.

We should clean our dirty and wet clothes as soon as possible and make sure they are completely dry before putting them away.

We should adopt a quick drying method because slow drying can support mildew growth. In case we need to store our clothes for longer duration, we should not starch the clothes.

We should keep our wardrobes, dresser drawers and other storage area dry and tidy all the time. We should not store clothes closely packed but keep some spaces in between them for air to circulate.

In case of very humid area, use air conditioner or dehumidifier is advised for more ventilation.

We can give exposure of sunlight to our clothes and wardrobes once a while. It helps in preventing mildew growth on clothes.

We Farthings Cambridge have solution of mould or mildew problem. We treat clothes affected with mildew with suitable products and clean them accordingly.


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