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How to clean my loose covers?

We love our loose covers because they give an amazing look to our sofa and upholstery. But these are the things we don’t buy very frequently, so it is essential to take good care of them.

Different types of fabrics need different sort of cleaning. Some fabrics are suitable for machine wash, but some are meant for dry cleaning only.

A good cleaning refreshes your loose covers but cleaning must be done according to care label instructions.

If the manufacturer’s care label instructs dry cleaning, never go for normal machine wash otherwise, you will end up damaging them only. Even if we follow care label instructions, there is always a chance that they might shrink a little bit. The patch test for colourfastness is also recommended for going ahead with cleaning confidently.

When the care label says it can be cleaned in the washing machine, you can clean it in a machine.

We would like to recommend it only if you have a big size machine so that you can clean all covers together to give them the same treatment. If you clean different pieces at different loads, it is highly likely that they might look different.

Otherwise, we would suggest you go to a laundrette to clean all pieces simultaneously.

We should go for only dry clean for dry clean, only labelled items. If the fabric is more prone to shrinkage, dry cleaning is probably the best option. Dry cleaning is also a good method if the loose covers have stains.

We Farthings Cambridge or Trumpington take good care of all type of loose covers. We can give you the best advice on your covers and sofa settee cleaning. In case you need any advice about cleaning your loose covers (dry cleaning or washing), please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are welcome to come and see us for the best advice at 143 Milton road Cambridge CB4 1XE and 1 Anstey way, Trumpington, CB2 9JE. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01223 755180 for Farthings Dry Cleaners Cambridge or 01223 625310 for Farthings Dry Cleaners Trumpington.


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