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We are hiring a Dry Cleaner Shop Assistant in Cambridge

Do you have a mature outlook? Do you enjoy meeting and talking to people? Would you like some extra income? Are you interested in clothes and fashion? Would you like to get out of the house and meet people twice a week? Do you like the idea of working with a small friendly and flexible team?

You will be working 2 days per week (8:30am – 5:30 pm) and covering holidays & other days during the week if needed. We are very flexible, so if you need to swap a day, we always try to accommodate.

You will also require to work every other Saturday (8:30am – 3pm)

You will be responsible for taking customer garments for cleaning and or repair, pressing/ironing shirts and other items to a high standard, and providing general laundry assistance.

You must show an open mind and a keen attitude towards learning.

You have an Enthusiastic personality with a keen desire for cooperation. A patient and kind attitude to serve your clients well. You have a very tolerant attitude, an eye for detail, and high standards.

You can self-manage your day and work just as well as part of a team. You have a curious nature and would love to be trained in many aspects of the business.

The business owner believes in allowing team members the freedom to take responsibility for the operation and will be there to support and encourage you.

For more information, please contact us at

Please send your CV. Thanks

Farthings Team


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