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What is cashmere?

Where to have my cashmere cleaned in Cambridge?

Cashmere is essentially a type of wool, but it doesn’t come from sheep, it is the undercoat of a particular kind of goat from cold climates.

Cashmere is warmer, firmer and softer, lighter than sheep’s wool. Cashmere has a luxurious feel to it and it is rare, exotic and makes you feel special. What makes a good cashmere? The higher the ply number the better. The longer the fibres denotes a higher quality cashmere. You can also tell by the weight of the cashmere that it is good quality.

Remember that good quality cashmere will shed and pill less!

So how do you look after it?

First of all, check the care label. A coat, jacket or scarf would be dry clean only while some knits can be washed at very low temperatures and with mild detergents.

At Farthings Cambridge, we can recommend the best care for your precious cashmere items and also give you tips on how to keep them moth free.

To find out more about cashmere cleaning in Cambridge, come and see us on 143 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XE

by Henriette


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