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Can I wash my pillows?

Have you noticed your pillows have yellowing or yellow spots appearing?

Do your pillows have a strange smell? If yes, please read on.

The yellowing is often caused by sweat. Resting our head or face for long periods of time (sleeping) on your pillows. Your sweat will inevitably transfer onto your pillows over time. There are other causes for the yellowing. It could be from skincare products or make-up or laying down with wet hair.

All the above can penetrate through your pillowcase directly onto the pillow.

According to the experts, there can be up to as many as 20,000 living things such as bed bugs, mites and bacteria.

All these mentioned thrive in a warm home to live in. This can cause them to breed, meaning even more bugs/mites growing every night. More importantly, NOT washing your pillows can have a detrimental effect on your health. It can cause asthma or cause allergies to build up.

The experts also recommend we should wash our pillows every 4-6 months to keep them sanitary and clean.

You may also find that your pillows have lost their bounce compared to when you purchased them, causing them to be flat and uncomfortable.

Well, Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington are here to help you! We offer a fantastic service. We are taking all your pillow worries away. We clean, revitalise and sanitise to kill mites/bacteria, restoring them to their former glory, as good as new again.

After the cleaning, you will have a lovely fresh, clean and most importantly, hygienic and super soft, leaving you to have a wonderful and restful sleep. Please note that the yellowing is usually not removed after the cleaning.

In case you have any questions concerning your pillows, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can come and see us for the best advice. We are based at 143 Milton Road Cambridge and 1 Anstey Way, Trumpington. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310. We will do our utmost to help you with any of your dry cleaning needs.


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