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Can dry cleaning kill bacteria and viruses?

The world is facing the worst situation ever because of this coronavirus pandemic. During this time, we are very worried about catching the infection of COVID -19. The government has issued some safety measures to prevent the spread of a virus like washing hands and using masks, but proper hygiene of your clothes plays an important role to keep yourself away from bacteria and virus.

Although it is lockdown and we are keeping ourselves at home, we have to go out for the necessary work. When we go outside, we might catch some bacteria and viruses on our clothes. Therefore, proper sterilisation and cleaning of our clothes is essential to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

If we clean our clothes at home with detergent and hot water, it is able to kill the bacteria, but dry cleaning is more effective in killing germs. It is because any high heat cleaning or drying kills almost all germs. So, during dry cleaning, clothes are exposed to heat to clean them with the perchloroethylene.

As high heat steam enters in clothes quickly and kills microorganisms, dry cleaning can kill most common bacteria Escherichia coli found on our dirty clothes, beddings and upholstery. It can be killed by cleaning with hot water also, but some strains of bacteria are very stable and only dry cleaning makes sure that all strains of bacteria get killed during the process.

Dry cleaning is also able to kill notorious staph i.e., Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which causes contagious skin infections.

Dry cleaning is very effective in killing flu viruses we have on our clothes. The high heat produced during dry cleaning kills all flu viruses and sterilise our clothes.

We Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington, are here to help during this time to keep your clothes away from bacteria and virus. In case you need any advice on cleaning clothes, please come and see us at 143 Milton Road Cambridge or 1 Anstey Way, Trumpington.


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