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5 Tips to keep your cashmere garments looking amazing

With autumn around the corner now is a good time to get your Cashmere garments cleaned!

Cashmere is an extremely popular choice of sweater for many reasons. It looks and feels amazing and did you know, although it is lightweight it is 7-8 times warmer than sheep’s wool?

Another plus - if you take care of your cashmere garments they will last for years!

Follow our recommendations below, and your cashmere will keep you warm for years to come!

1- De bobble regularly. Knits made from natural fibres can pill – forming fuzz balls in areas where friction occurs – inner arms or legs or where you carry your handbag. Pilling occurs most when the cashmere is brand new. At Farthings Cambridge we can supply you with a fuzz roller and a special stone to help with the removal of pilling or, we can do the job for you

2- Always follow the care label – Dry cleaning is a very safe cleaning process for cashmere as it reduces the chance of shrinkage and your garment becoming mishappen.

3- If you are washing your cashmere garment, handwashing is always safest using a mild detergent and washing at the recommended temperature on the care label.

4- Always dry cashmere flat. It is at its most delicate when the fibres are wet; this stage requires a lot of care.

5- Cashmere can take a long time to dry so lay it in a warm area to speed up the drying process and avoid it becoming smelly.

If you are not sure which is the best way to clean your cashmere garments, then bring them into us at Farthings in Cambridge and Trumpington. We are always happy to advise you. Call us on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310


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