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Why clothes need cleaning?

The clothes are one of our basic needs for life. In ancient time, animal hides were used to cover the body. But in the modern time, we use variety of fabric to make clothes.

Clothes protect our body in every weather and give a better look to our personality.

why clothes need cleaning in Cambridge?

Good care and maintenance is always needed for keeping our clothes in nice condition.

If we don’t clean our clothes for longer they catch harmful germs which can infect our body. Dirty clothes not only affect our health but also make us distressed. Clean clothes make us healthy and happy. Different types of fabric need different type of cleaning. Some garments need a gentle hand wash while some are strictly for dry clean.

Some clothes require F clean only, which involves special solvent. Dresses with beads need extra care during washing and cannot be washed in washing machine at home. Sometimes dresses require cleaning more times.

Only a professional can give a better advice for cleaning method for a garment according to the type of fabric.

Farthings Cambridge is a leading name in dry cleaning industry. We have 25 years of experience in all types of dry cleaning, laundry and repairs. We provide expert dry cleaning for all types of wedding dresses as well.

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