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Why seek advice of a professional with your wedding dress cleaning and preservation?

Wedding Day is one of the best day of everyone’s life. Our wedding dress makes it more beautiful and memorable.

We all buy a gorgeous dress for our D day and wants to keep it safe forever. Some of us wish to pass it to our children for their wedding day.

Usually wedding dresses are made up of delicate fabric which needs extra care. It is always recommended to approach a professional cleaning service for wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

wedding dress cleaning in cambridge

We should get our wedding dress cleaned and preserved with a professional dry cleaner otherwise it can lose its shine and turn into yellowish colour.

Any food or wine mark can induce the growth of mold and mildews or any makeup stain can leave a permanent mark on your beautiful wedding dress.

No one else except a professional dry cleaner knows how to clean and preserve a wedding dress in a perfect way.

The wedding dress should not be kept in plastic bag for long time. If we preserve our wedding dress in a plastic bag over time, the plastic bag put off fumes which reacts with the fabric and turns it into yellow.

We Farthings Cambridge offers quality cleaning and preservation service for wedding dress in Cambridge. We take very good care of every wedding dress we take in.

We intensively clean the wedding dress until we make sure it’s the best we can do. We preserve your wedding dress in a very good handmade, flood resistant, beautiful box with special paper, which reduces any storing damage completely. We also offer alteration and ironing service for wedding dresses.

So, it’s not too late! Get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved today ☺️

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