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What is Ozone Treatment?

What to do if your garment care label says: Do not wash and do not dry clean... we can now help with the Ozone treatment at Dry Cleaners Cambridge Farthings!

The word ozone seems quite scientific. Isn’t it? But do you know ozone works as a sanitiser and kills pathogens like bacteria and viruses?

Ozone treatment is the best way to sanitise our clothes which cannot be washed by any other technique.

Ozone is a gas and it will not "clean" (meaning this treatment will not remove any marks)

Usually organic compounds from outside combine and create an odour. This unpleasant smell stays in our clothes and affects our mood.

Ozone is able to overcome these organic compounds and when it comes in contact with odour, it breaks down these organic compounds into odour free substances.

Oxygen and electricity are used to generate ozone. Ozone treatment is environmentally safe and do not harm the environment in anyway.

It eliminates odours from mould, smoke, sewage, mildew etc. and helps in preventing infection.

If your skin is sensitive to chemicals in cleaning products, then this method is best for you. This method doesn’t involve any chemicals so it greatly eradicates the chance of allergies for sensitive skin.

Please note that the downside of ozone treatment for your garments is that it will not remove any marks and stains.

Here at Farthings Cambridge and Farthings Trumpington, we provide an ozone treatment facility for your garments. We are based at 143 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XE and 1 Anstey Way Trumpington CB2 9JE.

If you have any garments you are unsure how to clean, please visit us, and we can provide a safe, fresh sensation to your garments.


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