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Upcycling your old clothes and textiles

Thinking of binning your clothes because of a tear, broken zip or missing buttons?

Think again! At Farthings Dry Cleaners Trumpington and Cambridge, we offer a professional repair and tailoring service. Magda, our tailor can literally work magic on your favourite garments! we offer a repair and alteration service.

There are more textiles produced in the world today than can be used, often produced by children working in excess of 12-hours a day. And what happens to these clothes after they have fulfilled their useful lives? Millions of tons of textiles end up in landfill every year.

Upcycling is a continually growing trend and is one of the most sustainable things people can do in fashion, making use of existing pieces of clothing using fewer resources and keeping unwanted items out of the waste system.

At Farthings Dry cleaners we care and repair.

Do your bit for the environment and take good care of the garments you have!

We are very happy to advise you on any repairs, alterations or care of your garments.

Come and see us at Farthings in Cambridge ( Milton Road) and Trumpington (Anstey Way)

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