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Sheepskin coat and jacket cleaning

Sheepskin is a really warm and cosy material for winter wear, and it gets dirty and dusty.

How to keep it clean and refreshed for long term use?

When it comes to cleaning, most of our sheepskin items are leather specialist dry clean only.

We should not take risk of cleaning sheepskin items at home. It is because we can’t use any cleaning product for sheepskin cleaning. Cheap and harsh chemicals can damage the sheepskin permanently. We should always approach a professional for advice on sheepskin clothes.

Check our video below: we received a sheepskin coat to be cleaned here at Farthings in #Cambridge. Our client tried to clean a spot and the result is not a happy ending...

We at Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington take good care of sheepskin coats. We always check the manufacturer’s care label instructions and use suitable cleaning products and processes to clean your sheepskin garment. Sometimes things can go wrong even if the cleaning is done by a professional!

What can go wrong during the cleaning of your sheepskin?

- Most of the time sheepskin coats or jackets are hand-stitched and therefore very fragile. It can be difficult to clean and it can get damaged during the cleaning process. Weak skins may break up to tear during the treatment.

- The treatment of skin items may result in slight colour differences which only become apparent after cleaning. This can be due to the use of different skins from different animals during the manufacturing process, or in some cases due to the type of dyes used in the tanning and manufacturing process.

- Not all the marks, dirt and stains can always be completely removed.

Can we remove the musty smell from your sheepskin coat??

Vintage sheepskin coats can sometimes have a musty smell after being in storage for a while. If the coat is not showing any marks, and if the coat is very fragile (so it cannot be cleaned in a machine), we can use the process of Ozone Treatment. The ozone will remove all unwanted odours, kill all bacteria and viruses. Please note that the Ozone process does not remove ANY marks, it will remove most odours.

How to store and dry your sheepskin coat?

We always recommend storing sheepskin clothes in a natural fabric bag which allows them to breathe properly. Sheepskin garments must be dried in a well-ventilated area rather than near any heating device.

So, if you are in doubt about how to clean and refresh your sheepskin garment, please come and see us. We are based at 143 Milton Road in Cambridge and 1 Anstey way in Trumpington. We can also be reached over the phone on 01223 755180 and 01223 625310.

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