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School blazers repair and clean

A school blazer can be made of a variety of fabrics. The most common fabric for a school blazer is a natural fabric of cotton and wool. This fabric is a great choice, as it is soft and very comfortable to wear. The downside to this choice is it can crease easily; the colour could fade quicker and a possibility it could lose its shape.

Other common fabrics are the man-made fibres, such as polyester, viscose and acrylic yarns. This may not be a popular choice, as it is not as comfortable or as breathable as a cotton /wool mix.

However, having man-made fibre blazer can have their plus points. It would likely be a slightly cheaper option. A polyester blazer would be more durable. Lighter weight and most defiantly less likely to cease under normal wear and tear, compared to the cotton/wool mix blazer.

An acrylic blazer is a man-made alternative to wool. This fabric can also be a lighter weight compared to the natural fibre blazer. However, the acrylic fabric will cause a build-up of static, causing small shocks! It can even make your hair stand up if pulled over the head.

Another man-made fibre is called viscose- also known as rayon. This is made from natural materials such as wood pulp or agricultural products. The cellulose is then treated with chemicals to make the fibre mimicking natural fibres. This can also be lightweight, absorbent and soft to wear.

You may also find that the blazer maybe is made from a mix of both natural and man-made fabric. This would include materials such as Poly-cotton, Poly-viscose or Acrylic cotton.

Nowadays, this is standard practice for a lot of manufactures. This can deliver you a high-performance blazer, ultimately giving the blazer a longer life.

As a school blazer is worn 5 days a week (usually), scuffs holes and missing button can inevitably occur on more than regular basis. You may see the cuffs worn well before the rest of the jacket would need replacing. At Farthings, we can reinforce the cuffs or replace any buttons. Repair pockets and replaces zips. We can offer a wide range of repairs and alterations to any school clothes. Giving the blazers a new lease of life and extending the use of the item.

We also offer a De-Bobbling service. If you have noticed small “balls” of fibre or “pills “on the surface. It can make the blazer look more tired than it is. We charge a small cost and can cheer up any tired blazer given the opportunity.

Even if you have a school blazer that may be in need of a clean or repair, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Farthings branches in Cambridge and Trumpington.

If we can accommodate you and any of the item mentioned above, or anything else for that matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01223 755180 for Farthings Cambridge branch or 01223 625310 for Farthings Trumpington Branch.

We would love to see you :)


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