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Look your best at the May Ball in Cambridge: the importance of professional dry cleaning services

The May Ball in Cambridge is almost here. It's crucial to ensure your evening gown, suit, or tuxedo remains immaculate. So what is the secret weapon for you to look fantastic?

You will feel amazing inside and outside and confident if your evening dress or suit/tuxedo looks its best.

It is essential to follow the care label on the garments. If a P is showing on the care label, the standard dry-cleaning method will be used. Sometimes, it shows a F on the label. F Cleaning is a softer way of dry cleaning, and it takes longer. Hand washing or spot cleaning only can also be found on the care label. Do not risk using the wrong way of cleaning; otherwise, you can damage the garment!

* Maintaining the beauty of your evening dress/gown:

Some dresses are made with delicate fabrics (silk/Satin, mixture of fabric), interesting beading or intricate lacework that requires special care. Some decorations or buttons might need to be removed before cleaning and put back after the cleaning. Professional dry cleaners will have experience in taking care and cleaning such garments and will be able to get the best result possible.

* Reviving suits and tuxedos to perfection:

A well-fitted suit or tuxedo is a must. These clothing may lose their sharpness after several wears. Suits and tuxedos can be revived by professional dry cleaners, who can make them appear brand new again. They give close attention to every detail, from external cleaning to pressing the perfect creases, giving you a crisp and polished appearance. The key is to wear them only a few times before cleaning them.

If you need help with your evening gown or tuxedo, come see us at 143 Milton Cambridge CB4 1XE or 1 Anstey Way Trumpington with your garments.

Do not leave it to the last minute.

We also have an excellent seamstress who can help with repairs and alterations. Feel free to call us on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310, and we will advise as much as possible.


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