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What is F cleaning?

The clothes are one of the necessities of our lives. Our clothes make our look so proper cleaning and maintenance of clothes is very important.

We should follow the washing instructions written on the care labels on our clothes. Some of our clothes require dry cleaning while others need gentle cleaning with mild chemicals.

Dry cleaning, is a cleaning method that utilises organic solvents (water is not involved) to clean our clothes and thus far handled by only professionals with great care in controlled environments.

F cleaning Cambridge

Dry cleaning is symbolised with circle with letter P or F on care labels. Generally we see P which means, professional dry cleaning in any solvent (except trichloroethylene) like perchloroethylene and hydrocarbons. These clothes can be machine dry cleaned.

The letter F indicates a flammable solvent. The symbol F denotes dry cleaning with petroleum based solvents like R113 and hydrocarbons. If there is no bar a normal cleaning process is used, if there is a bar a sensitive or mild process is used for cleaning.

F cleaning is a recommended process for delicate fabric, which can be damaged by solvents used in normal dry cleaning.

Although, the F cleaning costs us slightly higher when compared with that of the P cleaning, it reduces chances of any damage to the fabric.

Unfortunately, F Clean does not remove marks effectively, yielding only limited results. It is a gentler method of dry cleaning compared to the standard Dry Cleaning P.

It is always worth approaching a professional laundry service in case we don’t know much about our clothes need F cleaning.

Only a professional can thoroughly examine the fabric and dirt type and suggests an appropriate method of cleaning.

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