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Inside cleaning tips... And Breathe!

Here at Farthings in Cambridge and Trumpington we like to share tips with you for looking good on the outside, keeping your garments spic and span, and smelling good! But what about feeling just as good inside as we look?

Did you know that the way we breath has a huge impact on our overall health?

Read on for some inside cleaning tips!

We all typically take around 25,000 breaths a day, often without a second thought to how we are taking those breaths. All too often, our breathing is shallow, too fast and taken in through the wrong hole! We should always breathe in through our nose. Our nose filters heat and treats the air. Most of us know this but what a lot of people don’t realize is inhaling through the nose triggers different hormones to be released into our bodies; it can lower blood pressure and monitor our heart rate, orchestrating innumerable functions in our body to keep us in balance.

Breathing too much and too shallow can cause or exacerbate anxieties and stress, this is why we are told to take a deep breath when we are stressed!

When you breathe too much, you are putting your body into a constant state of stress by stimulating the sympathetic side of the nervous system. If we simply change our breathing by slowing it down and breathing in deeply and fully, we can very quickly change this.

Most of us are taking between 15-20 breaths a minute, time yourself and see? If you can slow this down to between 6 – 10 deep, full breaths per minute, you will notice a difference very quickly, and your insides will thank you for it!

Give it a try, just a few times a day become aware of your breathing & slow it down.


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