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How to clean a dress shirt?

Shirts are meant for everyday use. They get dirty quite quickly, so it is recommended to only use your shirt once. After each use, the shirt should be cleaned. Always check its care label instruction to ensure the evening shirt is cleaned the right way, and it will stay looking nicer longer.

dress shirt cleaning cambridge with farthings Dry Cleaners
dress shirt cleaning cambridge with farthings Dry Cleaners

There are a few possible ways to get the dress or evening shirt cleaned:

Mostly, shirts can be washed at home in a machine or by hands. Before washing your shirt, make sure you unbutton them, including cuffs and collar. If the shirt has some stains apply some spot cleaning liquid in the areas like collar, cuffs and underarms and leave it for half an hour.

After spot cleaning, soak your shirt in lukewarm water for another hour. Soaking treatment makes stubborn marks easy to remove. After soaking, load all the shirts in a washing machine with detergent powder/liquid of your own choice. We recommend non-bio detergent for coloured shirts and bio detergent for white shirts.

After washing, shirts should be dried either in a tumble dryer (if care label allows) or air dry on a hanger. If you are drying your shirt on a hanger, shake it before hanging it. Shaking reduces the amount of time for ironing.

Another way is to approach a professional service, which can give you the best service without any hassle of anything. Dry cleaners can also starch your shirt if required. In case your dress or evening shirt is meant for dry cleaning only, never try to wash it at home. Wool, silk, and rayon/viscose are fabrics that don't do well with water and should only be dry cleaned. The good thing with dry cleaning is that it reduces the chances of shrinkage and colour run.

At Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington, we provide the best professional cleaning service for your shirts. We always follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions for cleaning all type of shirts. In case you have any questions, come and see us at 143 Milton road in Cambridge and 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01223 755180 for our Cambridge Branch and 01223 625310 for our Trumpington Branch.


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