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Five handy hints to keep clothes in their best condition

Sometimes a little care and maintenance can work wonder in keeping our quality clothes fresh and new. Here are a few ways which are essential to take appropriate care of your garments.

1. Always follow care label instructions: Inside every garment, we see a manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to care about the garment. It is a necessary tag that contains very useful information. We should always follow the care label instructions. For example, if care label instructs for dry cleaning, we should never wash it at home in a washing machine. It can ruin it completely.

2. Use a delicate bag to store it: It is always recommended to store your garments in a cotton bag. A cloth bag helps our garments to breathe properly. Do not keep store your clothes in a plastic bag. A plastic bag does not allow proper ventilation and mould can easily affect your garments.

3. Wash dark clothes inside out: If you have dark coloured garments, always wash them inside out. It helps to prevent fading of colour and cracking of the print. Ultimately, it increases the life span of your clothes.

4. Fold bulky sweaters on a shelf: It is a very common thing, but it makes a difference. If we hang heavy sweaters, their fabric can stretch, and it will start looking droopy. We certainly don’t like wearing a starched and droopy jumper. We also recommend putting some cedar wood pieces with sweaters while storing them for summer. It prevents little holes from insects in them.

5. Store in a cool and dry environment: Clothes should always be stored in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can damage the colour and texture of your delicate clothes. We also recommend avoiding keeping your wardrobe near the bathroom or damp area.

We Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington are professional dry cleaners, and we provide cedar wood pieces which help to prevent moth infection and cloth bag made of cotton for storing your garments. In case you need any further help with cleaning and storing clothes, please come and see us at 143 Milton Road, Cambridge and 1 Anstey way, Trumpington or give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310.


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