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How to care for your down jacket?

A down jacket or parka coat is essential in our cold winter season. These parkas look very good and also provide warmth in chilly weather.

How to care for your down jacket?

Firstly we should always check the manufacturer’s care label instructions before cleaning the jackets. The manufacturer’s instructions are very helpful in cleaning a garment because they have checked the fabric and tested it. They will tell us what is best for the garment.

Secondly, make sure you remove any fur attached to the collar or hood of the jacket. These fur material can be taken out and cleaned by a soft bristle brush. Another important thing is to zip up the jacket/parka and empty the pockets. Also, please make sure all velcro are close otherwise lint and strings can stick to them.

If the care label says that the Puffa Jacket is washable:

Use preferably a front-loading washing machine for cleaning the down jacket. Make sure you are using a down specific laundry detergent for cleaning the down jacket. Do not use any fabric softener, bleach, vinegar etc.

After cleaning the jacket, dry it immediately without any delay. Pop it into the dryer with some dryer balls/tennis balls and dry it on low heat. These dryer balls help to remove all moisture content and avoids any lump formation. After the drying cycle, check if it is dried thoroughly. If not, put it again for drying otherwise mould, and mildew can grow on it.

If the care label says that the Puffa Jacket is dry cleanable:

Us a professional dry cleaner to care for your puffa jacket.

It is recommended that you wash or dry clean your puffa jacket one to two clean every winter to keep your down jacket in its best condition. Always wash or dry clean before storing it.

At Farthings Cambridge and Farthings Trumpington, we take good care of all types of down jackets and Parkas.

In case you need any further help with your down jacket please come and see us. We are based at 143 Milton Road Cambridge or 1 Anstey Way, Trumpington or give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625 310.


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