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How to care for your Christmas jumper

Christmas is around the corner. We are all getting ready, decorating our houses, planning the menu and getting out our favourite Christmas jumper ready for The Day!

But why not enjoy our Christmas jumper for more than one day, to go to all the Christmas parties we have, with friends and colleagues and families?

It is easy to spill some delicious Christmas treats down ourselves, so how to care for your Christmas jumper so it will last for many seasons?

First thing first, always check the care label and follow its instructions.

1- Most of our Christmas jumpers are made of wool or wool-like fabric, which means that you’ll be able to wash your jumper in your washing machine on the wool cycle. The wool cycle has a lower spin which prevents your jumper from wearing out. Also, use a low temperature as wool doesn’t like heat.

Most importantly, never tumble dry, but dry your jumper on a flat surface; If you hang it, it could lose its shape.

2- Some Christmas jumpers are made of cashmere, an even more delicate fabric compared to wool. Usually, these jumpers are dry clean only. If the care label says that you can wash your jumper in a washing machine, it is recommended to wash it by hand in warm water. If you prefer to wash in your washing machine, always wash your cashmere jumpers on a low-temperature delicate cycle. To protect it even more from wearing out, place the jumper in a laundry bag.

And as with woollen jumpers, never tumble dry, but dry on a flat surface.

3- The same care should be given to the Christmas jumper with delicate decorations. Wash it in a pillowcase on a gentle cycle or hand-wash it.

4- But, if you have the extra delicate jumper, the very special Christmas jumper that can play music or has flashing lights, then we would recommend not washing it. You could get a clothes brush and after each wear, gently brush your knitwear to keep it fresh, removing the dust and lint. But again, check the care label to indicate the best way to clean it.

In general, to lessen the need for washing, it’s a good idea to gently brush any Christmas jumper after each wear. It will also smooth the beginnings of any loose ends, preventing the bobbling or pilling of your knitwear.

Lastly, if you have any doubt on the best way to keep your beloved Christmas knitwear for many jolly seasons, please bring it to one of our Farthings branches in Cambridge or Trumpington shops, and we’ll take the best care of your jumper.

We wish you a merry Christmas, full of joy and happiness.

The Farthings Team


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