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How to store my fur coat?

It is winter season now, which means we love wearing a cosy fur coat. A fur coat is famous for its warmth and softness. If we are buying a lovely fur coat, we need to store it in the right way to keep it in its best condition.

But the question is, how should I keep my fur coat?

So, here the solution comes. We should keep our fur coat in hanging position, while not using it on a suitable hanger. A wide-shouldered hanger is always preferred.

Mostly we keep our garments in a plastic bag for storage. We should always use a cloth bag to put our fur garments in, rather than a plastic bag. A cloth bag helps your fur garment to breath properly.

Another thing, we should do to store our fur is to keep fur garments away from direct exposure of sunlight. The ideal temperature for fur storage is 10 -15 °C. A dry wardrobe in a cool area is a perfect place to store it.

A fur coat can easily absorb moisture and smells badly after that. It is very difficult to get rid of that smell. The recommended humidity level is 45 – 50% for fur storage. It is always recommended to find a dry place to store fur.

NB: If your fur coat smells, we found that Ozone Treatment helps greatly reducing the smell.

Cedarwood wardrobes and mothballs should always be avoided while storing fur garments. The reason is both mothballs and cedarwood absorb ample amount of moisture, which can be transferred to your fur clothes.

We should also make sure that our fur coat is having enough room in the wardrobe and not squeezed in between the other clothes.

We Farthings Cambridge and Trumpington are professional dry cleaners that specialise in cleaning fur coat. We can also cloth bag made of cotton for storing your fur garments.

In case you need any further help with the storing of fur clothes, please come and see us at 143 Milton Road, Cambridge and 1 Anstey way, Trumpington or give us a call on 01223 755180 or 01223 625310.


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