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When to dry clean my suit?

How often should I dry clean my suit?

It isn't easy to give you a straight answer on how often you should dry your suit. It will depend on how much you wear the suit, the environment you wear it in, and how you store your suit when not in use.

If you only wear a suit a few times per year, it's unnecessary to clean it as frequently as someone who wears one daily for work.

Cleaning your suit every 3-4 wears is a very good rule.

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that uses solvents. It is suitable for cleaning suits because it won't damage the fibres and help with the loss of colour.

We always recommend that you follow the care label instruction on your suit.

How to care for your suit?

- Use a steamer on the lowest heat setting to remove the wrinkles.

- Spot clean the marks with a cloth. Do not rub but blot off the marks. If you cannot remove the marks, take it to your dry cleaners. They will have special cleaning products for particular types of marks.

- Remember to dry clean it before your suit is visibly soiled. Regular cleaning will help the appearance of the suit. Air it out and brush it down to remove dust or lint.

- If the suit has a strong odour, get it dry-cleaned. Please note that dry cleaning does not always remove odours.

- Hang your suit on a hanger in a cool, dry place when not in use. Let your suit hang for a few days after wearing it. It will give the fabric time to bounce back and smooth any wrinkles.

- If your suit is made of wool or silk, check it regularly to avoid moth damage.

- Do not be tempted only to clean the trouser. Dry Clean the trouser and jacket at the same time for the suit to look perfect longer.

We can take care of your suit at Farthings Cambridge and Farthings Trumpington.

We are based at 143 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XE and 1 Anstey Way Trumpington CB2 9JE. We are here to help so please come and visit us :)


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