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Cracked Leathers?

Has your leather gone brittle? Is it showing cracks or splits? Do not fear… Farthings is here.

The main cause of cracking leather is moisture and heat.

Firstly, never put your leather in a washing machine. To submerge your leather into the water would mean the end of your lovely leather.

Leather doesn’t like getting wet, but sometimes it's out of your control. Like getting caught in our great British wet weather, Rain!

So, if you do find yourself with a wet leather, NEVER use heat to dry it out; examples are hairdryers, radiators or even a tumble dryer.

The moisture will still need to be removed as soon as possible. Apart from possible cracking by not drying, you also have the problem of mould appearing, which can tarnish the leather, let alone the musty smell that it would emit.

To remove as much of the water as possible, only use a micro-fibre cloth as it won't damage the area you are working on. Gently pat the area to remove as much of the moisture as you can.

If you need to spot clean your leather, NEVER use tap water, only mineral water. Dampen the micro-fibre cloth, then blot the area. Please be aware you can remove the natural oils from the leather that would need to be replaced, or cracks can appear. If it is an oil-based mark on your leather, it's definitely a job for us Pro’s at Farthings.

Over time your leathers will fade, get scratched and crack just through good old wear and tear. To prevent this from happening, it's very good practice to a professional conditioner; you may only need to do this every few years if you don’t wear it regularly. However, if it is your favourite leather and you wear it daily, your leather would need to be treated every 6-12 months. A quality leather should last you for around 20 years or more!

Remember, your leather will only have a long life if you treat it well.

If you need your leather jacket to be cleaned, we would love to bring your leathers back to life for you.

Of course, as always, we are here 6 days a week to give any advice on our leather service or any of our other fantastic services we provide.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call Cambridge 01223 755180 or Trumpington 01223 625310, drop us an email or pop by to one of our shops, where we would be more than happy to advise you. Our Cambridge 143 Milton road in Cambridge or Trumpington shop 1 Anstey Way in Trumpington.


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