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Fed up with your clothes being eaten by moths?

How you can treat and prevent your clothes being eaten by moth?

Adult moths love your wardrobe! It is dark and sometimes warm and moist too, giving the moths the perfect conditions to hatch their larvae onto the clothing. Another interesting reason is the baby larvae requires Keratin to develop.

Keratin protein is found in your own skin, hair and fingernails. Keratin is also found in natural fibres that we use from animals, including feathers, fur, leather, silk and of course wool.

If you think about a caterpillar that is eating in your garden - all those yummy leaves - the moth larvae works in very much the same way, eating the keratin-rich materials to help them grow.

It’s imperative that as soon as you see a moth or moth larvae in your wardrobe, drawers or cupboards that you treat the whole area. The reason being, once the larvae reaches pupation stage, they will then metamorphosis to become an adult moth. Once they emerge as an adult, they will then lay their own eggs – some lay as few as 40 at the time, some up to a 1000. They will start another moth life cycle, in turn damaging more of your beloved clothes. Normally the whole life cycle of a moth can take 4-6 weeks.

Here at Farthings we can help with many different products to combat a moth infestation happening to you.

This is a natural way to repel the moths, reducing your chance of a moth infestation. You simply place these into your cupboard or drawers, Sanding the blocks every 2-3 months to rejuvenate the smell of the Cedar. This is prevention only! If you do see the moths or larvae, it is too late to get some cedar blocks.

You will need to use the products below:

Acana is Non Toxic & Non Carcinogenic. Safe to use around Children & Pets

This has been specially developed, with the latest technology, to operate in elevated and long-life protection from moth damage for up to 3 months. It will be place in the cupboard.

This is specially designed to be – Hung amongst stored clothing, ideal for wardrobes and rails.

- Will not stain

- Ideal for all clothing including woollen, cashmere, Linens, Furs, Leathers and silks.

- Complete protection.

This product effectively attracts and traps moths, all without using any harsh chemicals. Advanced pheromone technology attracts them to the unit, trapping them onto the sticky board, providing you with evidence of a moth infestation. Once this is proven we would suggest you use the fabric moth killer spray as a next treatment.

Once you have established that you have a moth infestation, this product is a fantastic at killing the moths and the larvae in approx. 15 mins.


Kills the Flying Adult Moth – Spray.

PROVEN Chemical formula KILLS Moths and Moth Larvae in 15 Minutes

Carpet & Fabric Moth Killer Spray

At Farthings we would happily discuss what treatment would suit your home and needs. Call us on 01223 755180 or please come to our shop at 143 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XE.



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