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We Clean Canada Goose

Every Canada Goose product is designed with purpose. This trend setting winter warmer clothing range was founded in Toronto almost sixty years ago!

Canada Goose Parker coats have been worn by expeditioners and film makers. It isn’t hard to see why they have become a must have garment for your winter wardrobe too. They are stylish and cosy, comfortable and withstanding. But we need to ensure that your beautiful coat must have not gone into the wardrobe until you have had it professionally cleaned - ready for the next winter!

Like any other garments, the material can fade. Most of our cleaning is without incident but on occasion even we, have found that the outcome does not match our high expectations.

Here at Farthings we always follow the care label instructions! Canada Goose coats must dry clean only.

Just like any other material ,garments over time do wear and tear and they also do fade.

We once were approached by a customer that had requested his Canada goose coat to be cleaned. He informed us that the coat had been hanging in his wardrobe for a considerable time- Months even. We were told by the customer that the coat was fairly new and that it not been cleaned before. It was particularly grubby around the cuff and collar. We cleaned the coat and the coat and the fur on the hood came out in an immaculate condition. The customer was very happy.

However, we have cleaned some Canada Goose coats for another customer recently. Unfortunately, there was some fading slightly during cleaning. This was along seams and in the creases of the coat. Also, after the cleaning, the cuffs and collar were still slightly dirty. This is down to wear and tear of the material used. The longer the dirt is left in the coat, the more difficult it is to clean. So before hanging up your coat for winter ensure to have it professionally cleaned.

If you take care and preserve your Canada Goose Coat and have it regularly cleaned then you will be sure to preserve the life.

For any questions or advice on your Canada Goose coat, please come and see us on 143 Milton Road in Cambridge CB4 1XE

By Deb


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