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Buried treasure in your wardrobe

Our lovely client came in with this beautiful vintage dress that she found in her cupboards from over 20 years ago. Her children used to play dress up with it.

Fast forward 20 years, her children have had children and wanted the dresse cleaned so her grandchildren can play dress up. Vintage dresses are so in style right now and this dressed is so cute.

This dress came out beautifully after our treatment and dry cleaning, and the colour of the dress is so gorgeous!

Look at the before and after pics below

Here at Farthings Cambridge and Farthings Trumpington, we can help with your garments. We are based at 143 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1XE and 1 Anstey Way Trumpington CB2 9JE.

If you have any garments you are unsure how to care for or clean, please visit us, and we can provide a safe, fresh sensation to your garments.


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