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8 Tips to keep your whites whiter and colours brighter

How to keep your garments white and your coloured garments vibrant?

8 Tips to keep your whites whiter and coloureds brighter
8 Tips to keep your whites whiter and coloureds brighter

1- It is important to use the correct detergent. Always use a bio detergent for your white garments. Bio detergent contains enzymes that help greatly with advanced stain removal. For your colours and black clothing, you will need to use a non-bio detergent. 2- Always use the proper dose of detergent. If your garments are more soiled than usual, follow the dilution rate instructions.

3- A warmer wash is recommended for white items. Hot water removes germs and heavy soil more effectively. 4- Never wash the white and colours/black items in the same load. The colour can transfer into the white and it can leave you with greyish clothing. 5- Overloading or underloading the washing machine. The washing machine will work at its best at a perfect load capacity. If you put too many items in it, there is no room at all for the cleaning. You always need some agitation for best result and if your washing machine is underloaded, it will also not work effectively. If you only have a few white items, you can add a white towel in the washing machine with them, then you have enough friction for the agitation to work. 6- The UV rays outside will lighten your garments so the rule is to hang your white clothing outside in the sun if you can. That would help to keep it white. 7- When your items are very soiled, separate them from the load. Do not wash the soil and less soiled item together. It could end up transferring the soil onto the cleaner clothes. Just split the load. 8- Heavily soiled white garments - pre-soaked the garments in a bio detergent for around 2-4 hours. It would provide a better result. Many of our clients coming to Farthings Dry Cleaners asking for advice and help to transform their grey garments, that use to be white, back to their former beauty. It is very difficult to reverse it and would you have any questions or comments, please give us a call on 01223 755180 or


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