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5 Common Dry Cleaning Myths

Myth: Dry cleaning damages clothes

Fact: When done by a qualified and reputable dry cleaner, dry cleaning does not harm clothing. In fact, by removing stains and oils that standard washing machines might not be able to handle adequately, dry cleaning can help extend the lifespan of some items.

Myth: Only delicate clothing needs to be dry cleaned.

Fact: The truth is that dry cleaning is not just appropriate for formal or delicate clothing. Dry cleaning is a great option for various garments, including suits, coats, skirts, and even jeans. It gives the cloth a clean, fresh appearance while assisting in maintaining its quality, colour, and shape. Manufacturers will test the fabric and add a care label instructions. You must look at the care label to see if your garment is dry cleaning or washing/hand washing only.

Myth: Dry cleaning is too expensive.

Fact: It's crucial to think about the value dry cleaning offers, even though the price may vary based on the item and the area. In the long term, dry cleaning can help you save money by keeping your garments in good condition and avoiding damage from careless home cleaning. Additionally, it saves you time and effort, particularly when handling delicate objects.

Myth: Harmful chemicals are used in dry cleaning.

Fact: Professional dry cleaners use specialised cleaners that are safe for the environment and your garments. The industry has established standards and regulations to ensure that eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals are used. Modern dry-cleaning machines generally recycle and reuse their chemicals, reducing waste.

Myth: All stains may be eliminated by dry cleaning.

Fact: Many stains, including those with an oil foundation, can be successfully removed with dry cleaning. However, some stains might need specialised care or be challenging to remove entirely. It's crucial to let your dry cleaner know about any specific stains so they can use the proper stain removal methods.

Caring for your clothes keeps them looking good longer, increases their lifespan, and promotes sustainable practises by lowering their environmental impact. You may benefit the environment and your clothing by selecting expert cleaning procedures and establishing correct maintenance habits.

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