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Duvet cleaning in Cambridge

Almost all of us change and clean our duvet covers regularly, but our duvet also needs cleaning.

Duvets are something which we use to cover our entire body for a longer duration.

Duvet doesn’t need washing very frequently but we should clean it once every six months and before storing it for next winter.

Duvet cleaning in Cambridge

Duvet remains in contact with our body so it catches bacteria from sweat and dead skin.

If not cleaned properly it can cause disease and odour. Our duvet needs complete wash before storing them for next season.

We should always go through the care labels for cleaning duvets. Our duvets are usually quite big to wash them at home in our washing machines and it’s not enjoyable either.

Generally, the care label suggests professional cleaning for the duvet. It is always recommended to wash them and not dry cleaning them. Duvet needs gentle cleaning with a mild detergent solution so that seams wouldn’t be affected.

They must be rinsed 2-3 times and should not be bleached. They then need to be dried in a tumble dryer at low heat.

We should use dryer balls during the drying process to avoid lump formation.

Our duvets don’t need ironing. We should never use a plastic bag to store our duvets. Instead, we should use a cotton bag which helps duvet to breathe and prevents the growth of mildew and mould.

If your duvet is 100% cotton, minor shrinkage is expected after washing.

We all want a fresh and nicely cleaned duvet on the start of winter so it is always good to store it after cleaning.

For super fresh cleaning of your duvets visit us and try our services in Cambridge.

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