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How to protect your clothes from moths?

Moth is a home invader which is very destructive. Moths destroys our most valuable possessions like your clothes, carpets, rugs etc.

Both the adult and larvae of moth are infectious. Moths eat your clothes quietly. We can detect their presence by looking at our damaged stuff.

If you see the holes in front of your jumper, underarms or neckline are the tell-tale signs of clothes moth infestation.

how to protect your clothes from moth

On an average moth cause over £1 billion damage to clothes and carpets every year in the UK.

Most of the times moths damage is irreparable so it is difficult to get insurance against this kind of damage.

The clothes infected with moth requires treatment. Vacuuming followed by cleaning is the best treatment for moth infected items.

Deep freezing the clothes sealed in a plastic bag for a week is also recommended for killing off the pest.

At Farthing Cambridge, you can buy special moth killing products to stop moths destroying your most valuable clothes. These products kill the moths effectively and ensure they never come back.

We recommend Acana Products to get rid of the moth:

If your closet is a bit moist and you are worried that it can catch moth infection, you can get natural cedar wood product, which can prevent moth infection.

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