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Winter clothes storage tips

We are delighted by arrival of summer and want to reorganise our wardrobe. Now it’s time to say good bye to your winter coats and jackets. It’s very important to store our winter wears properly to keep them in their best condition.

How to store your winter wear

Before storing them away, we should make sure that they are properly cleaned. We shouldn’t store our dirty clothes, otherwise they will invite insects and damage other clothes as well.

The swear and dirt on clothes increases chances of discolouration.

All dry cleanable clothes must be dry cleaned and washable clothes must be washed before storage. We should also make sure that all clothes are completely dry before storing them for the next winter.

It is always advised to store your clothes in water proof boxes. Place the boxes in cool place and off from the floor.

Delicate garments demand extra care. We should take additional care of delicate garments like dresses. We should wrap them in an acid free paper before storing them to provide more protection.

We should store small accessories like gloves together in the storage box to avoid their misplacement. We can also wrap them together in a piece of paper.

If you are worried about moth infestation in your house, we advise you to put some natural moth prevention products. Natural moth prevention products don’t cause any harm and protect your clothes being infected by moth.

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