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Ski suit cleaning in Cambridge

It is the time of the year, when snow has occupied many places in Europe and northern parts of the UK. We wait for this season for many months and now it’s finally arrived.

It’s perfect time to visit skiing resorts and glide on snow shielded slopes and hills.

Clean and fresh ski wears make our trip more interesting. So, take out your ski wears from storage and get them refreshed for this year’s skiing activity.

ski jacket cleaning in Cambridge

Ski clothes are often cost us a lot because their material and quality. So, some of us prefer borrowing them rather than buying.

If you are planning to borrow ski clothes from friends or relatives, we can refresh your ski suit and accessories before your exciting skiing fun and can made them ready for return after your trip.

The most important thing in ski wears is their warmth, which could affect if we don’t take proper care of them.

We shouldn’t take chance of cleaning our ski wears at home. Washing them at home can damage the fabric and waterproofing on them.

We, Farthings Cambridge have expert cleaners who cleans the ski wears with suitable detergents and dry them in appropriate way.

We also provide reproofing for ski wears, which makes them water and snow repellent.

We clean all kind of ski wears including ski suits, jackets, salopettes, ski pants, ski trousers, thermals, ski base layers, gloves, caps, hats, neck wear etc..

Farthings Cambridge not only offer cleaning of ski wears but also repairs. So, if your ski suit needs repair, bring it to us.

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